Jewellery and Diamonds are, and have always been an integral part of my life.  As a fourth generation jeweller, some of my earliest memories are of me spending time with my father in his Hatton Garden workshop, fascinated by gold and fine gems, confounded by the attention to detail and seemingly endless patience required of his craft.

My father, like many in his family, was a craftsman, a purveyor of beautiful jewellery. A tradition which began in the merchant city of Aden in Yemen, the biblical land of Sheba and noted throughout history for magnificent works in silver and gold.

There was never any doubt that I would follow in his footsteps. I became the youngest member of the Diamond Bourse in London and for over 25 years I trained and worked solely in the international diamond industry, supplying loose diamonds to some of the worlds finest jewellers.

Whilst taking time out to focus on my family, I was able to step back and reconsider my priorities. I moved to Israel with my three children and during this time kept an eye on jewellery available in the stores. For me jewellery is an expression of individuality and I found few pieces that did this for me.

I began to draw on my knowledge of the industry and personal experiences to create my own designs – to free my imagination and create jewellery that was an expression of my journey in life; jewellery for my friends.

The women featured in my campaign are not professional models. They are my friends; strong women who have stood by my side and given me their strength over many years. Real women, each with her own life story. True friendships, worth more than all the gold and diamonds in the world!

My jewellery creations are the jigsaw pieces of my life. A moment, emotion, or memory that stems from somewhere on my journey. I reflect these in my designs, so there can never be a choreographed collection, just a spontaneous burst of energy.

Jewellery that is imaginative yet versatile, luxurious yet understated; jewellery that can be worn from the office to the opera, from the picnic to the party, or simply worn to empower and be admired. It is my vision to create easy-to-wear fuss free designs that transcend age, time and situation. Jewellery that enhances but never over-powers.

For me, this is what modern jewellery is all about, an extension of self.


My designs are dedicated to my mother and father, who taught me from a young age that while life may not always work out as planned, one must confront challenges head on, try to stay kind and find plenty of time to laugh.