The First Hug Association

The First Hug Association was founded in 2004 by Michelle Koriat, owner and CEO of TransCom Global Ltd.  Michelle came across a post in an Internet forum discussing abandoned babies, and immediately decided that she could not remain aloof. The more she learned about the phenomenon, the more she understood that it was within her power and vision to create a properly structured organization to care for these babies.

First Hug aims to provide hospitalized abandoned babies with the emotional needs that are crucial to their proper emotional development, physical improvement and recovery.

The Association’s 500 volunteers arrive every day to care for the babies, filling the void created by the absence of the mother. They provide them with hugs, warmth and love. Each baby is cared for by a small group of volunteers that accompany the baby throughout his/her hospitalization period. This system guarantees that the baby is not exposed to too many people, and will be able to identify with his or her caregivers, much like a family. In addition, we try to create the homiest environment for the baby, providing toys and books.

The activity takes place in hospitals and rehabilitation centers across the country. Volunteers receive professional training and guidance from the Association’s social workers through this emotionally challenging activity.

Donations help to maintain the social services array required by hospitals, which allows the continued work of our volunteers in their facilities. This system includes training, professional oversight and support. The First Hug Association is not supported by public entities or government institutions. Funding for all of the Association’s activities is based entirely on private and business donations.


 With your help, we will be able to hug all the babies who need us.

As a child aged 3, I was left for an extended period in a foreign country because of circumstances beyond my parents control.   I was very lucky to be placed with family who loved me, yet still recall the trauma and confusion at the sudden loss of familiar contact with my parents.

This charity therefore holds a very special place in my heart and I am supporting it by donating 15% of the retail price from every Unconditional pendant sold.

I hope you will support First Hug with me or donate directly at
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