Moshe Lev Sercarz

The Waves & Ripples and One Of A Kind exclusive jewellery collection, is a unique collaboration between Ayalla Joseph and Moshe Lev Sercarz.

Moshe is a diamond expert and jeweller with many years experience, specialising in natural fancy colour diamonds.  He travels the world, researching natural colour diamonds, their elements, and perfecting the art of jewellery.

The creation process of natural diamonds started over 100 million years ago at very high temperature and pressure, deep within the earths mantle.  Of all the natural diamonds mined, only 20% are fine gem quality and only 1% of the gem quality diamonds have enough colour to be classified as natural fancy colour diamonds. Each fancy colour diamond  is a masterpiece of nature, giving it a unique colour and characteristic, thus creating a world of its own. These characteristics are scientifically studied by a very small group of experts who are scattered around the globe and who cooperate by sharing information.

Moshe Lev Sercarz is one of those experts.

His rare talent combining both sourcing and design, sets him apart
as one of the best in the field of natural fancy colour diamonds.

Each natural fancy colour diamond in our jewellery is one of a kind, meticulously selected for it’s unique beauty and quality.  The fine gem then becomes the focus of both designers, who work seamlessly and effortlessly, sharing ideas and cooperating,  in mutual pursuit of a one of a kind jewel.  No diamond or jewellery piece is ever exactly the same and is unique, masterfully crafted for it’s new owner.

Always Natural, Never The Same!

Moshe Lev Sercarz

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