Sarit Bustan

Sarit Bustan

Mother of a teenage girl, naturally intuitive, creative, strongly independent and believes wholeheartedly in listening to her ever present gut instinct. Quiet, spiritual yet vivacious and appreciates luxury.

 Inspired by the smell of spring blossom, music, art, the human spirit and the desert wind. .

Perceptive and perfectionist, uncomfortable in make-up, humble but self-appreciating. 

Sarit has a deep passion for freedom and art, believing in its power to make a change and if given the chance to shout something out, she would shout ‘SHINE!’

Sarit is a gemologist and a multidisciplinary artist who is currently working on a project named ‘The Bride’s Chair,’ the inspiration of which, comes from over 20 years experience, working as an event creator for weddings.

The Bride’s Chair is a visual discussion on society’s expectations of marriage and the personal experience of the bride.

When Sarit is not travelling internationally to promote her exhibition, she forms part of the Ayalla Joseph team in capacity of Creative Director.