Leslie Fainberg

Leslie Fainberg

A native New Yorker, Leslie immigrated to Israel in 2006.

Intelligent, straight-talking, and independent, Leslie prides herself on integrity and personal growth.

She is a fierce believer in the autonomy of women, which she continuously strives to convey by example to her proudest creations in life – her three daughters.

Her achievements, both personal and professional, have resulted from hard work and overcoming obstacles along the way.

Loyal to those closest to her, with no patience for social niceties or insincerity, she believes life is for embracing personal freedom.

Happiness is sitting on the beach sipping a classic margarita on the rocks, no salt, combined with tongue in cheek humor given out in large doses.

She loves the smell of wood burning on a cold day, cooking for her family, and indulging in black & white movies with the low rumble of R&B music in the background.

Leslie is an Audiologist at Audio-Medic, providing diagnostic and rehabilitation hearing services.