For centuries Diamonds have been chosen as the ultimate symbol of love.  The word diamond is derived from Adamas, the Greek word for Diamond.  Like us, no two diamonds are alike. Diamonds vary in qualities incorporating Carat (weight), Clarity, Colour and Cut. Although no one C is more important than the other in terms of beauty, It takes a very skilled cutter to unleash the optimal brilliance in a polished diamond. So while you may choose to compromise on the first 3 C’s I would advise against compromise on the cut of your diamond.

The weight of a diamond is measured in carats.  Each carat is divided into 100 parts called points. A 1.25 carat diamond is the same as 1 ¼ carats or 125points.  Large diamonds are found less frequently in nature, therefore the more carats your diamond weighs, the rarer it is.

Diamonds are fingerprinted with natural identifying characteristics called inclusions. The size and location of these inclusions, determine the clarity grade and value of a diamond. Flawless diamonds are extremely rare.

Although most diamonds appear to be colourless, they actually have subtle shades of yellow or brown. As these become easily apparent the value of the diamond is affected.  A truly colourless diamond is a rare find.  On the other end of the colour spectrum are natural fancy coloured diamonds. These are extremely beautiful, unique, rare and very valuable.

A well-cut diamond will reflect light internally from one facet to another, dispersing it through the top of a diamond. Diamonds that are cut too shallow or deep lose light from the side or bottom, resulting in less brilliance. A well-cut diamond unleashes magnificent fire and brilliance.

This is my personal 5th C.  Confidence in the knowledge that you have bought from a reputable source.   All diamonds over 0.50ct and most of our fancy colour diamonds are accompanied with GIA Certificates assuring you the highest confidence at all times. We are also committed to purchasing diamonds from reputable sources that adhere to The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), ensuring that all the company’s diamonds are completely conflict free.