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It reduces the traveling time, helps to build various high-speed vehicles, etc. Over the years, these vehicles have totally changed the phase of our society. Science has upgraded steam engines to electric engines, cycles with motorcycles and cars, etc. This helps to save time and effort for every human being. This is one of the greatest achievements of human beings with the help of science. Due to the scientific inventions of satellites by scientists, we are able to use high-speed internet connections. Science is the heart of our society, without its function nothing can be made.

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Hayes analysed the readability of articles published in several science journals, popular science magazines and college science textbooks. Science and Nature, among the top science journals today by impact factor, started out as magazines that even people not trained in science could understand. That changed quickly from the late 1940s, when their articles started becoming inaccessible to non-specialists. Even the content of the popular science magazine Scientific American became too difficult for the public starting about the 1970s. This led to a drop in its circulation, until it eased off on the professional scientific language. Since then, all their services are highly professional, accurate, fast, and well organised.

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While there are no hard and fast rules, you may find the following ideas useful if you want to weave a fascinating narrative. Some scientists believe that their profession is all about conducting experiments in controlled environments. Communicating their work has emerged as another responsibility – especially of those who find themselves able. Participants will face equipment failures and water limitations, the space agency has warned — as well as some “surprises,” according to Haston. Amid the search for another life beyond Earth, an alien signal was beamed to the planet from Mars for the first time.

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Resonance – Journal of Science Education started in the year 1996 was the culmination of intensive efforts by the Academy through a panel which studied the state of science education in the country. An excellent journal in which only highly informative scientific articles are carefully selected and published, allowing you to receive new valuable information on many diseases. Fast, well-coordinated work of the editorial board leaves only good impressions. Thank you for the appreciation of my article and the opportunity to become a member of the editorial board. Acta Scientific is an Internationally peer-reviewed publishing group that is indulged in publishing original articles with an emphasis on latest research findings. Acta Scientific aspires to bring eminent research information across the globe into light and aims to build an efficient platform for the researchers all over the world. “It should come as no surprise that scientific articles are becoming more difficult to read,” Kristian Nielsen, a professor at Aarhus University, Denmark, who studies science communication, told The Wire.

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Editors of the Acta Scientific work purposefully and insistently with the aim to publish articles of advanced science. The contents of journals attract the vast circle of inquisitive readers and challenge discussions where indifferent are out. Most people today believe that the scientific papers are written specifically for scientists and, with good reason, shy away from giving it a skim. This difficulty in understanding science is perhaps what gave birth to popular science magazines, according to Donald Hayes, a sociologist. Quick and professional manuscript processing, interesting articles, great communication with authors. So Thompson and team evaluated more than 700,000 abstracts published in various international scientific journals covering general science, biomedical and life sciences between 1881 and 2015.

Unlike specialist readers, the consumers of popular articles are seldom interested in the details of how researchers conducted a study. So methods and procedures should be described very briefly. And instead of lingering with the technical details, spend more time and words interpreting the results obtained from the study. Whatever you decide, keep the public interest in mind. This way, you will have to expend less effort in securing the reader’s interest in your popular science article. One way to do this is to write popular science articles. The Department of Science and Technology has – in recognition of this endeavour – instituted the Augmenting Writing Skills for Articulating Research Award.

For entertainment, it has given radio, television, cinema, and pictures to man. Science has given us computer and information technology. Acta Scientific Publication provides excellent platform for the researchers.

Even the things you usually read probably doesn’t have many such words. Unless – of course – you’ve been reading the scientific literature. Scientific papers have become more difficult to read and understand over the last century, according to new research, and use of such science-specific jargon may be one reason why.

Its really good platform for publishing your article at international level. They quick responsive and ratings of the journal are going high with unique and quality publications. You may be aware that scientific articles present information through an introduction, a description of the methodology, the results and a discussion, collected in the acronym IMRD. When you write a popular science article, however, you should reverse the IMRD pattern. This is because readers are likelier to read your article if it is relevant to their interests, and a study’s implications and applications are what you should use to draw them in. The other details, such as the findings, results and the methodology, come later.