20 Top Blockchain Games To Know 2022

Champions Ascension is a play-to-earn crypto game that offers a lot of action in a player-driven universe. It is set in a fantasy world of Messina in which players battle with each other using their NFT champions inside the arena called Colosseum Eternal. Bomb Crypto is a multiplayer crypto game where you can play exciting games with other players and earn in-game currency called BCOINS. In this game, you own little guys known as bombers and use them to battle against monsters. Mobox is a play-to-earn crypto game that combines the elements of Decentralized Finance and NFTs to create a platform called GameFi. Mobox is composed of the NFT marketplace, NFT creator, and Game creator.

  • They are tokenized into NFTs and sold on the in-house marketplace.
  • For example, it combines DeFi, collectibles, and personalities.
  • Champions Ascension is a play-to-earn crypto game that offers a lot of action in a player-driven universe.
  • If nobody claims the pet, it is sent to the Altar for future use.

Horses, racing silks , stables and land all represent different types of NFTs within the game that can be traded. You can also participate in daily games to blockchain Trends of 2022 increase your chance of winning. It’s a weird, vibrant, quirky open-world game that looks like you’re living inside a colorful, flashy pinball machine.

A later expansion will allow players to bring their MicroPets to the Petropolis metaverse where they can stake claims, build and create NFTs to sell to other players. LAND owners and unLANDed players can build items using the in-game builder or those with coding skills can make their own unique items. Those with LAND can populate their plots with what they have built and can sell those items to other players. With each sale of LAND, the fungible in-game currency MANA used in its sale is burned, reducing the fixed supply. Players play to earn, winning “smooth love potions” with successful battles. Players can then use those potions to breed their Axies to create new ones.

It also has adventure modes and quests, and players can buy houses and other items that level up their heroes. As players explore, they can find NFT items to help improve their heroes — themselves NFTs — and trade with others. You can fully explore the lands of Messina and battle with other players as well as sell your weapons. The NFT champions are divided in terms of tier, with higher-level tiers being able to access more features of the game. You can also breed different types of champions to make powerful champions.

However, Bloktopia is a virtual skyscraper as opposed to a collection of land plots. It is built to become a hub where you can get relevant crypto information, experience immersive content, and engage in Web3 activities. The skyscraper is divided into 21 levels in honor of the 21 million Bitcoin. All residents of Bloktopia are referred to as Bloktopians. Lets players raise and level up their titular MicroPets, which are NFTs, in the play-to-earn and build-to-earn economy. Currently, players can play the mobile side-scrolling runner game with their MicroPets to dodge enemies and earn coins.


All blockchain games require a connection with a crypto wallet. Most games have a direct play-to-earn element whereby players can transfer in-game effort, activity or items into cryptocurrencies. All the tanks in the game are represented as NFTs, and you can trade or sell your tanks for additional GALA tokens.

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Owned properties generate a passive income of the in-game currency UPX overtime. Unlike many blockchain-based games, the in-game utility token UPX can be purchased for standard currency from the game’s store at a rate of 1,000 UPX to $1. Properties can also be sold for either UPX or U.S. dollars via the partner marketplace TiliPay. Alien Worlds is a blockchain-based crypto game where you explore different planets to mine different resources which can be converted into NFTs and traded for real money.

Upland is a virtual trading game that allows you to trade virtual digital property using in-game currency or tokens. These virtual real-estates have corresponding real-world addresses that you can buy and trade using crypto-currencies. All of the properties inside this game are represented by NFTs.

Best Games Sega Saturn Of All Time

Its core gameplay involves having a team of three with creatures called Axies with various skill sets — and you can throw ‘em into battle to face other opponents. The best play-to-earn game is, without a doubt, Coin Hunt World , the mobile-app platform I was alluding to at the outset. As mentioned, it’s reminiscent of Pokémon Go, but instead of collecting Charmanders and Squirtles, you scavenge for Bitcoin and Ethereum . You can still restore Earth from their possession through gameplay.

Whether you like cryptocurrency or not, it’s not going anywhere, especially in the gaming world. In fact, NFTs fit into the gaming industry like a puzzle piece. NFTs, by definition, are unique, blockchain-based digital collectibles, which screams “in-game purchases” to me.

Being closely tied to a real-world industry, the Silks economy has large potential for growth. In fact, horse racing is having a record year for sales for horses and prize purses at the race. According to the Silks whitepaper, over USD 11 billion wagered on horse races each year.

You’ll be able to experience space adventures, beautiful landscapes, and dungeon exploring in the game. It uses MANA coins as the in-game currency, and you’ll https://xcritical.com/ need lots of them if you want to trade and buy things in this game. The most incredible and epic NBA moments immortalized forever as officially licensed NFTs.

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Intro Guide to Blockchain Games.

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With a little more dedication and experience, I would have made a few dollars before gassing out from all the walking. According to Reddit, most CHW players make about $20 a week — one Redditor claimed that they make $60 a week. In this game, you explore a 3D space sandbox world in search of resources to build components for your ships. You’ll be able to explore different regions offered by the game, build ships as well as command them. It doesn’t have a predefined story, but it does provide elements to forge your own story. The game is inspired by Fortnite as well as Rick & Morty.

Blockchain Games To Know

Mythical Games, the publisher behind Blankos Block Party, already inked deals with DJ deadmau5 and luxury brand Burberry to lure more gamers to its platform. Axies and CryptoPunks are the talk of the town now, but I have a feeling Blankos may be next. CHW is currently in early-access mode, and as of this writing, it’s only available for Android users on Google Play. It’s also worth noting that one of the co-founders of Coin Hunt World is the CEO of Bittrex, a popular crypto trading platform. After trying out CHW for a half hour, I earned 60 cents worth of BTC and 40 cents worth of ETH. Keep in mind, though, that this was my first time using the app; I was still learning how to get the hang of CHW.

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LAND can be combined to form ESTATES, which in turn can be combined into DISTRICTS. Spider is a free-to-play MOBA game where you can purchase tanks or build them using spare parts to participate in exciting battles. It is a free-to-play game, but if you want to start earning, you’ll at least need to purchase a tank or build it by purchasing three spare parts. Each bomber has his own unique features and traits and is represented as an NFT. As you battle against monsters and earn BCOINS, you can upgrade your bomber and make them powerful.

Best Blockchain Games To Watch For 2022

In games with land NFTs, land often functions as a governance token, meaning these games return players to a time when only landowners could vote. The Mobox platform provides users with a variety of games to play, ranging from NFT farming and yield farming to Blockchain games. You can play these games to earn in-game tokens called MBOX tokens. The NFTs in this game are known as MOMOs and can be obtained by opening various mystery boxes. You earn or lose crypto based on the number of people you’ve eliminated.

The more players you eliminate, the more cryptos you’ll earn. You’ll lose your earned crypto when other players eliminate you. The value of the horse depends on how well its twin is doing in races that are held around the world. It gives you the chance to have your own ultimate horse without you actually having to take care of it. You can even breed your horse and sell them to other players to earn more profit. It also allows you to wager in digital races so you can enjoy betting in horse races like normal big races.

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All of these features make Skyweaver one of the best NFT games to look forward to this year. Our top pick as the blockchain game for 2022 is Silks, the world’s first derivative gaming platform that brings thoroughbred horse racing to the metaverse. What makes Coin Hunt World the best play-to-earn crypto game is that it doesn’t dole out — excuse my French — shitcoins to players. BTC and ETH are the big dogs in the cryptocurrency world, so I was taken aback to see these two cryptocurrencies disseminated as rewards. Secondly, this game is completely free to play, which is somewhat of an anomaly in the P2E space. Battles require energy and RACA, the in-game token, and winning a battle earns the Metamon experience and the player egg fragments.

For starters, you get 20% of all the LOOT that the thieves have harvested. In addition to that, you can even earn these LOOT in the form of bribes. Get instant access to breaking news, the hottest reviews, great deals and helpful tips.

~180K Marketplace transactions ~85K+ Unique collectors ~$15M+ in total sales Impossible catches. Dapper Labs uses the power of play to deliver blockchain-based experiences that are made for you and ready for the real world. Polygon Studios aims to be the home of the most popular blockchain projects in the world. Polygon Studios supports projects from OpenSea to Prada, from Adidas to Draft Kings and Decentral Games to Ubisoft. This is a graphics-intensive game, so you’ll want to pull out your gaming laptop (and a controller or gaming mouse while you’re at it).

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